Sandakan 4D Results

Small but Frequent Wins with Sandakan 4D

Every person participates in a lottery with an aim in mind. Some people like to take a shot at a big jackpot no matter how difficult it is to win whereas some people are interested in winning. How big or small they win is not a big matter for them. They understand the idea that a lottery with small prizes offers high chances of winning. A huge jackpot is definitely worth the attention, but you need all the luck in the world to win it. Sandakan 4D remains one of the lotteries that don’t have huge prizes but big chances for any player to win.

When you participate in this lottery, you might not win a life changing prize. However, you can definitely expect to win often because of how high your chances of winning are. Yes, there are a few ways to increase your winning amount to, which you will learn as you read on. So, let’s get into the details of what Sandakan 4D is and how you can participate in this lottery.

Sandakan 4D – An Introduction

Sandakan lottery is one of the best offered to Malaysians. As stated earlier, you won’t be participating in this lottery for huge prizes. Instead, people like this lottery because it gives them a lot of chances of winning something. It is also one of the most affordable lotteries you can find in the country. A lot of what is included in its rules can be told from the name of this lottery. Since it is called Sandakan 4D, you will have to choose only four numbers to participate in this lottery. You are free to buy as many tickets as you can and choose as many numbers as you want if you want your chances of winning boosted.

You will always be betting on a single set of numbers. Each set consists of four digits. You will have to choose these numbers from 0 to 9. You can repeat the numbers as well. That’s something that makes this lottery unique. In most other lotteries of the world, you have to choose all the numbers uniquely. You cannot pick the same number twice. However, that’s not the case when you participate in Sandakan 4D. In fact, you can even pick the same number three times. For example, your number can be 1999. The minimum bet that you can place on a number is RM1.

You can increase the bet if you want but you have to keep in mind the stakes and your risks. While increasing the amount of your bet can increase your final winning amount, it can also go to waste if your number does not match any of the winning numbers. There are many different methods of picking the numbers of this lottery. You will learn about these different methods as you read on.

Sandakan 4D – Winning Prizes

Undoubtedly, your reason for participating in a lottery is to win prizes. You will not be disappointed by Sandakan 4D when it comes to prizes. While some of the biggest lotteries of the world take pride in offering seven, eight, nine, and sometimes up to 13 ways of winning, you can win in 23 different ways in this lottery. The most important thing is that you can win with completely unique numbers. When you participate in other lotteries, your prizes are based on the number chosen for the jackpot. To win second, third, and fourth prizes, you just keep increasing the number of unmatched balls. That’s not the case with this lottery.

First of all, every prize announced in Sandakan 4D lottery has a unique number associated with it. If someone has won the first prize with 1234 as the winning number, the number for the second prize can be 6789. In a similar way, the number for the third prize is completely unique from the first two numbers. There are 23 ways for you to win including the first three prizes and two additional categories that include 10 prizes each. That’s the reason why players who participate in this lottery love it. They know they have a chance to win even if their number does not appear in the first three prizes.

Now, the two additional winning categories have been named as Consolation and Starters. You don’t win a lot of money in these categories but the winning amount is much more than the amount you have spent on buying the ticket of the lottery. All the ten numbers announced in Consolation category are unique. Same goes for the starters category as well.

Sandakan 4D – Playing Big and Small

One of the things that make Malaysian lotteries great is the fact that there are so many different ways to participate in them. The way you choose your numbers for this lottery can be done in many ways as well. However, after you have chosen your numbers, you have to make another selection. You have to select whether you want to play the lottery as Small or Big. The terms “big” and “small” signify the chances of you winning the lottery here. When you play big, you have a bigger chance of winning the lottery. On the other hand, if you play small, you have a smaller chance of winning the lottery.

You already understand the different prize winning categories in this game. Now, when you select the small play option, you are playing only for the first three positions i.e. first, second, and third. The numbers you have chosen have to match one of the first three numbers. If you don’t match these numbers, you will not win anything. When you play big, you are participating with a bigger chance of winning. Not only are you playing for the first three prizes, but your number will be tallied with the numbers picked for consolation and starts categories as well.

When playing big, you can win a prize if your numbers appears in the starters or consolation sections even if your number has not matched any of the first three numbers. So, it is amazing how you have so many chances of winning when you take part in this lottery whereas with other lotteries, you know you haven’t won anything if your numbers don’t match the jackpot winning number. Yes, in some lotteries, you have an additional draw that can win you a huge prize, but the odds are again reset for that additional draw.

Sandakan 4D – Choosing the Numbers

One of the unique aspects of Sandakan 4D is the way you have to choose the numbers. First, you can choose your numbers in the simplest manner i.e. you pick the four numbers that you think will be lucky for you. You have just one set of numbers i.e. four digits, and you have to wait for the results to be announced to see if you have matched any prize winning numbers or not. The other two methods are quite unique and you have to understand them a little. Let’s look into them one by one.


Before learning about i-permutation, it is important to understand the reason for its existence. I-permutation is a way of generating several sets of numbers from the four digits that you choose. When you choose your unique digits, you can decide how many combinations you want to create from them. You can create four, six, twelve or 24 permutations of the numbers you have chosen. If you have selected three identical and one unique number, you can create four permutations from it. If you have two pair of digits, you will be able to create only six permutations from them.

The more unique digits you have in your chosen set of number, the higher the permutations you will be able to create from them. For example, all the digits you have chosen are different, you will see 24 unique permutations being created from those digits. Now, it is important for you to realize here that you will be paying extra money for each permutation that’s created. It is a simple rule: the more four-digit numbers you choose in the game, the more money you will have to spend. When you select 24 permutations, you are creating 24 unique sets of numbers and that’s why you will end up paying RM24 for all of the generated permutations.

It must not go without mentioning here that permutations can have an effect on how much you win from the lottery. When you choose lots of permutations, your prizes are small. Your prizes are bigger when you choose smaller number of permutations. As a result, you will win more money if you are participating with four permutations than you will if you participate with 24 permutations.

Roll One or Four

The name of this particular option can be confusing for some players. For the first part, you are going to roll a number. Now, it is up to you whether you want to roll one or four. To remove the confusion, you have to understand that one and four signify the position of the digit here, not the number of digits. When you roll four, it does not mean that all the four numbers will roll to create unique sets of numbers. Instead, it means that the last number (which is the fourth digit) will be rolled. Roll means that this number will be rolled from 0 to 9.

If you have chosen a number with roll one option, it is the first digit that will be rolled from 0 to 9. For example, if you have chosen R345, the rolled number will create 0345, 1345, 2345, 3345, and so on. In the end, you will have 10 unique sets of numbers and all of these numbers will be participating in the lottery. What that means is that you will win the lottery if any of the combinations created matches the numbers in the prize winning categories. The small or big play will still apply here. What that means is that your chosen numbers can win you the consolation and starters prizes only if you have chosen the big play option.

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning Sandakan 4D

It is clear at this point that there are multiple ways for you to increase the chances of winning. The first suggestion you will receive from any lottery company or a lottery expert is that you should buy more tickets. By buying more tickets it means that you should choose as many sets of four-digit numbers as possible. When you are playing straight, you can pick all of those numbers on your own. In addition to that, you have the roll and i-permutation options available for increasing your chances of winning as well. They create lots of combinations for you to so matching any combination can win you the prize.

You should also take a look at the statistics of the game to know what has been happening in the past. In most cases, it is best that you bet on the numbers that have most frequently appeared in the past draws of the lottery. While looking at the statistics, you have to keep in mind that they will only boost your chances of winning. There is no method in the world that can guarantee you that you are going to win the lottery. Lotteries are completely random with several restrictions in place to ensure that draws take place in all fairness. Just know that you can still end up winning nothing even if you have chosen your numbers based on statistics.

Final Thoughts

You understand the rules, regulations, and methods of participating in Sandakan 4D at this point. It is clear that the rules are quite simple and the chances of you walking away with a prize are quite high. You can’t find many other lotteries that win you prizes for matching just four numbers. Sandakan 4D is a unique lottery that you can participate in without breaking the bank. So, go ahead and try this affordable lottery, and see if your luck can win you something big.