Sabah Lotto 4D88 Results

Sabah Lotto – A Unique and Fun Lottery in Malaysia

On August 6th, 1988, The Lotteries Corporation came into existence and it was due to this date that it was later renamed as Lotto 88. Locally, it is known with a number of other names such as Sabah 88 and Sabah Lotto 88. It offers a number of popular games, which include 3D Games, 4D games as well as Lotto. The Lotteries Corporation chose to increase the number of games they offer because of a huge demand for lottery games. Therefore, they launched some interesting games and also those that carry really high jackpots. Currently,the Lotteries Corporation has approximately 40 agencies under its umbrella,which means that people can purchase tickets from multiple places in Sabah.

One of the most interesting and fun games you can enjoy is none other than Sabah Lotto. It is a 6/45 game, which means that players have to choose six numbers from a range of 1 to 45. When the draw is conducted, six numbers are drawn along with an additional bonus number. Depending on the numbers you are able to match correctly, you can take home a prize. Put simply, you need to match a minimum of three numbers in order to win a prize in the Sabah Lotto.

The good thing about the Sabah Lotto is that it has three draws in a week i.e. on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, which means players are presented with three opportunities of winning on a weekly basis. Special draws can also be held in addition to the three regular draws. There are several bet types available in the Sabah Lotto and they are:

StandardBet: As the name indicates, this is the regular method of playing Sabah Lotto and it requires players to choose a total of six numbers between 1 and 45.

SystemBet: If you are interested in increasing your odds when participating in the Sabah Lotto, you can try the System Bet. This involves you choosing more numbers than the usual six. You can select numbers anywhere from 7 to 12 from the same range of 1 and 45.

QuickPick: This is also one of the most popular ways of playing the Sabah Lotto as instead of picking your own numbers, you can allow the computer to generate a combination to play. This number combination is totally random and so is the draw, so some players believe it can help their odds.

When you are playing the standard bet, the cost you incur in the Sabah Lotto is RM1. However, players should bear in mind that this amount is not inclusive of sales tax. When you are going with the other bet types, the cost you will have to incur is mentioned below:

  • System 7 Bet: As mentioned above, you can start a system bet with seven numbers and if you are playing seven combinations, you will be required to pay RM 7.
  • System 8: When you go with this option, there are a total of 28 combinations available and your cost will increase to RM 14.
  • System 9: In this category, there area total of 84 ordinary bet combinations and you will have to pay RM 42 forgoing with this option.
  • System 10: Here, the number of combinations increase to 210 and so does the cost as you have to pay RM 105 for playing them.
  • System 11: The number of bet combinations available in this option are 462 and you will have to pay RM 231 for them.
  • System 12: This is the last bet type that you can try in the Sabah Lotto and you have 924 combinations to play,which is going to cost you RM 462.

There are numerous outlets authorized by Diriwan Corporation Betting in Sabah from where tickets to the Sabah Lotto can be purchased. These days, you can also play the game online, thanks to technological advancement and the availability of agents who are willing to buy tickets on your behalf. You have to be at least 21 years of age when you participate in the Sabah Lotto because the betting of minors is not allowed. Players have up until 7 p.m. on the day of the draw to buy their tickets if they wish to participate. Other than the RM 1 that you pay for the single play, you will have to pay an extra 15 percent sales tax, which is given to the State Government of Sabah.

As mentioned earlier, the drawings for the Sabah Lotto are held three days a week and the draw begins at 7:05 p.m. on their respective days. The special draw is held on Tuesday twice in a month. Moving onto the most important part, there are a total of seven prize categories that players will come across in the Sabah Lotto. Depending on the collection of the particular Sabah Lotto draw, 55 percent of the revenue forms the prize pool. The Group 1 prize is referred to as the Jackpot 1 and it is about 20 percent of the prize pool as well as RM 500,000, which is set aside for it up front.

Other than that, this Jackpot 1 also includes any rolled over or snowballed amount that has been brought forward from previous draws. Jackpot 2 is the term used for the Group 2 prize and it comprises of 3 percent of the amount used for the prize pool, along with an upfront figure of RM 5,000. Similar to the prize of Group 1, the Group 2 prize also include any snowballed amount from the earlier draws. Thanks to the snowballing feature, the prizes that are not claimed from Group 1 and Group 2 are moved to the next draw and added to its prizes, which means that the prizes can become greater and greater with each draw not won.

These prizes will continue to snowball until someone finally wins them. If there is more than one winner in the draw, the total prize is equally divided amongst the players. When a player matches all six numbers, they can take home the Jackpot 1 prize in the standard bet. If you match 5 out of the total six main numbers and the bonus 1 number, you will be awarded the Jackpot 2 prize. The third prize can be won by a player who matches five out of the six main numbers and the prize in this category is RM 1,400.

RM 250 is paid out to players who match four out of the six numbers and also the bonus number. But, if you don’t match the bonus number and only match the four,your prize will be valued at RM 19. You will be given a prize of RM 5 if you match three out of the six bonus numbers and also the bonus number. The last prize category requires players to match three out of six numbers and it will win them RM 2. The prize categories are quite similar when people go with the System Bet and there is also a special prize category that requires matching all six numbers with the bonus number. The rewards in this category are:

  • System 7: In this case, you will win the Jackpot 1 prize and six shares of the Jackpot 2.
  • System 8: Through this betting combination, winners will get Jackpot 1, six shares of Jackpot 2 and also an additional RM 1,250.
  • System 9: When you match all six numbers, plus the bonus number, you get six shares of the Jackpot 2, the entire Jackpot 1 and an additional sum of RM 24,685.
  • System 10: With this betting combination, you get the Jackpot 1, six shares of Jackpot 2 and a sum of RM 37,645.
  • System 11: In this category, you will win the Jackpot 1, six shares of Jackpot 2 and an additional amount of RM 51,070.
  • System 12: This is the last bet combination and in this one, along with Jackpot 1, six shares of jackpot 2, the additional amount you take home is RM 65,000.

The Jackpot 1 prizes in the standard bet is different from the system bet prizes because along with the jackpot prize, players are also rewarded with system combinations, which are RM 8,400, RM 17,085, RM 26,095, RM 35,470, RM 45,250 and RM 55,475 for each system, beginning from System 7 and ending at System 12 respectively. The same is also applicable in the case of Jackpot 2, but the values are different. Therefore, playing different combinations is a good thing because players can get higher payoffs as compared to the standard bet, all thanks to the combinations.

As far as the odds of winning the Sabah Lotto Jackpot one are concerned, they are 1 in 8,145,060. If you have won a prize in the Sabah Lotto, it is time for you to make arrangements for claiming it. You have to visit the headquarters of the company in Kota Kinabalu in order to make your claim and get your prize. However,the key is to win it in the first place and that can only be done when you make the right number selections.

If you want to be smart about your number choices, there are a few mistakes you should learn to avoid when picking your Sabah Lotto numbers. What are they?Let’s take a look:

  • Don’t just use birthdays or otherdates

One of the most common tactics used by lottery players when choosing their numbers is by using birthdays or dates of other important events like anniversaries. While there is no harm in doing so, sticking to this strategy alone will restrict you to 31 numbers whereas there is a total range of 45 in the Sabah Lotto. Ignoring the other numbers will only reduce your chances of matching as many numbers as possible and winning a bigger prize.

  • Don’t choose consecutive numbers

When playing the lottery, some people also tend to play consecutive numbers because they believe following a pattern will improve their odds. However, if you take a look at past 4D results or of almost any lottery game, whether it is Sabah Lotto or any other, you will notice that it is very rare for consecutive numbers to be drawn. Why waste your turn when you can try different number combinations instead of just following one?

  • Investing in lottery software

If you do some research, you will come across a ton of lottery tools and software that claim to help you in selecting the numbers that will be drawn. Bear in mind that the Sabah Lotto draw is conducted completely at random and it is simply not possible for any software or formula to predict the exact numbers. Therefore,you need to steer clear of these software and tools. Yes, there are some authentic ones, but even they can help you in choosing the best possible numbers and cannot predict the exact ones.

  • Playing the past draw numbers

Bear in mind that no pattern or algorithm is followed when choosing Sabah Lotto’s numbers. This means that the set of numbers that are drawn are completely random and it is highly unlikely that the same numbers will be repeated again.Even if it does happen, it is extremely rare and using the past draw numbers as yours hoping they will win is just throwing away your money.

  • Letting superstition direct your choice

Some lottery players are superstitious and often use the last lottery numbers drawn to figure out their number choice. For instance, they may use multiples of those numbers or start their number combination with the same digit. As mentioned before, Sabah Lotto draws are random so there is no way to guarantee that your superstition will help you win.

Avoid these number mistakes when you are choosing your numbers for the Sabah Lotto.Doing so will help you in picking your own numbers that mean something to you and you will be able to get an equal opportunity of winning a prize in the game.