Pan Malaysia 1+3D Results

Read This before You Buy Your First Pan Malaysia 1+3D Ticket

Malaysia is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to lotteries. It has some of the most exciting lotteries of the world. It also moves away from the conventional lotteries and offers many versions of the lotteries that are completely unique. The best thing is that people from around the world can now know about these lotteries and participate in them from the internet. There are many online websites that not only provide the live results of these lotteries but also give people from around the world a chance to participate in these lotteries.

One of the exciting and easy lotteries of Malaysia is the Pan Malaysia 1+3D. It is an easy lottery. Winning this lottery is easy because you don’t have to pick and match a lot of numbers. Yes, the amount of money you win this lottery is not so huge but that’s because chances of winning it are quite high. If you keep participating in this lottery regularly, there is a high chance that you will win multiple prizes in a few years. On the other hand, players end up participating in conventional lotteries for several years without winning anything. If you are thinking about participating in Pan Malaysia 1+3D, here is a guide to tell you all about it.

Basic Understanding of Pan Malaysia 1+3D

Let’s get into the basics of this game and then into the many ways of participating in this lottery. What you will love about this lottery is the fact that you have to pick only four numbers. Yes, you have to pick four numbers, which you can call one set for ease. It is up to you to pick as many sets as possible. Just like in other lotteries, the more numbers of sets you pick, the higher your chances of winning the lottery are. You have to pay the price for increasing your chances of winning, which is a rule with every lottery in the world. So, every time you pick a new set of four numbers, you have to pay extra money. The minimum amount that you can bet on this lottery is RM1.

It is important to realize here that you placing a bet on the lottery. What that means is that you can increase the size of your bet and the amount of the money you are going to win as a result. With other lotteries, you can pick as many numbers as you want but you can’t decide a bet. There is no betting involved in those lotteries. When there is a bet involved, like in the Pan Malaysia 1+3D game, the winning amount is multiplied with the size of your bet. If you have won RM2000 and your bet is RM2, the total amount you will win will be RM4000.

You are also going to love the prize structure of this lottery. There are lots of prizes for you to win. If you don’t win the first prize, you still have the option to win the second or third prize. What makes things even better is that you have two additional winning categories as well. These categories are known as Consolation and Starter. In each category, you have a total of 10 winners. In short, on every draw day, there are at least 23 winners i.e. first, second, third, consolation prizes (10 winners), and start prizes (10 winners).

The Small and Big Pan Malaysia 1+3D Participation

An important thing you have to understand when you participate in Pan Malaysia 1+3D is the concept of small and big. You can choose to go small or big at the time of purchasing your ticket for Pan Malaysia 1+3D. This is a rule that you will often find in many Malaysian lotteries, and it is best that you familiarize yourself with it if you are new to them. So, when you go for the big play, you have a chance to win any of the 23 prizes. What that means is that the numbers you have picked are matched with the numbers in the first, second, third, consolation, and start prize winning categories. If your number matches with any of those 23 numbers, you will win the prize.

On the other hand, when you play small, the number you pick is not matched with the numbers in the consolation and starter prize categories. You will only match your set of numbers with the numbers in the first, second, and third prizing winning category. If you have not matched any of these numbers, you will not be able to win anything even if you see your exact numbers appearing in the consolation or starter prizes. So, why would you want to play small when it gives you such small chances of winning the lottery?

That’s where you have to understand the concept of odds. There are higher odds for you to beat when you participate in the lottery with the small option. On the other hand, your odds are low when you play big. When you have high odds, it means that you have very low chances of winning the lottery and vice versa. For that reason, when you go for big play, you have low odds and thus the prize money you win with this play is smaller than the prize money will win if you play small. It is up to you to decide the amount of your bet regardless of which play you choose. Furthermore, you can choose both plays at the same time to increase your chances of winning and to boost the size of your winnings.

The Many Ways to Participate in Pan Malaysia 1+3D

There are some other important things you have to understand other than the small and big play. When participating in Pan Malaysia 1+3D lottery, you will encounter the different methods of choosing your numbers. These options are available only for you to have more chances of winning the lottery. Of course, the easiest way to participate in the lottery is the straight bet. A straight bet is as simple as you picking the four numbers and deciding the amount of your bet. You then look for the four numbers you have picked in the 23 announced numbers to see in which category you have won.

The other easy method of participating is the lucky pick. Lucky pick is the same in Pan Malaysia 1+3D as it is in other lotteries. When you choose this method, you opt for computer to pick the numbers for you rather than you picking the numbers yourself. Again, you can let the computer choose as many numbers as you want for you. For each set, the minimum bet that you can place is RM1. The more important concepts to understand are Box Bet, Roll Bet, and IBox Bet.


IBOX Bet makes the Pan Malaysia 1+3D even more exciting. It is a popular method for people to participate in Pan Malaysia 1+3D lottery because it is very affordable. IBOX Bet works very much like Box Bet in which the computer generates all the possible permutations of the set you have chosen. In this method again, you will be given all the possible permutations of the numbers you have chosen. You can have a maximum of 24 permutations and a minimum of four permutations when you choose this option. However, the amount of bet is very affordable when you go with this option. Your bet will only be RM1 regardless of the permutations that you pick.

On the other hand, you must have noticed with the Box Bet that the bet size for 24 Permutations was RM24. In simple words, the amount of money you are going to win with the IBOX Bet is going to smaller than the amount you can win with the Box Bet option.

Roll Bet

Roll Bet is yet another exciting way of taking part in Pan Malaysia 1+3D. As the name implies, you are allowed to roll a number in this type of bet. Yes, it is important to know here that you can only roll one of the four numbers you have chosen. You can choose to roll any position in your set of four numbers. In simple words, you can roll your four digit number in these possible ways: RNNN, NRNN, NNRN, NNNR, where R stands for Roll and N stands for Number. Now, the number that you choose to roll works in a unique way. It is not that some random number will be picked for the roll number.

The number that you roll is going to create 10 possible sets for you. The rolled number will be every number from the available range. What that means is that when you pick R991, it will generate these combinations: 0991, 1991, 2991, 3991 and so on. The same rules will apply regardless of which position in your set you decide to roll. Since rolling will create 10 unique sets, the bet size will automatically become RM10 with this option.

The Box Bet

Box Bet is a unique way of participating in Pan Malaysia 1+3D lottery. Box Bet is all about permutations i.e. creating all the possible combinations from the numbers that you have picked. So, when you choose this option, you ask the computer to generate all the possible combinations of the four numbers you have picked. It is important to know here that the number of permutations or combinations of the numbers you have picked depend on your chosen numbers. When all the four numbers you have picked are different e.g. 1543, you can create a maximum of 24 permutations from them. If two of the numbers in your chosen set are the same e.g. 1544, you will have a maximum of 12 permutations. A set containing two digits appearing twice will have six permutations and a set with one number appearing three times will have a maximum of four permutations.

You can conclude from the permutations that you can pick the same number as many times as you want when you play the Pan Malaysia 1+3D lottery. In most other lotteries, you cannot pick the same number again when you are making the numbers on the play slips. This game is different from those conventional lotteries so you can pick the same number twice or even thrice. The important thing to understand when you go with the Box Bet is that the amount of money you are going to spend will depend on the number of permutations. If the set you have chosen results in 24 permutations, your minimum bet will be RM24. In a similar way, if the set you have chosen results in 12 permutations, the minimum bet you will have to place is RM12.

The Many Other Pan Malaysia 1+3D Lotteries

You are going to love the fact that Pan Malaysia 1+3D has many other versions available as well. If you like the Pan Malaysia 1+3D lottery but you are not thrilled by the amount of money you win with it, there are other versions known as Pan Malaysia 1+3D Jackpot and Super 1 +3D. The Pan Malaysia 1+3D Jackpot is for people who want to win big while participating in the lottery. The odds are high in this game and you have to pick two set of 4-digit numbers. With a minimum RM2 bet, you can win a huge jackpot of RM2,000,000 in this game. Super 1+3D is a unique game wherein you have to pick only four numbers but you have many ways to win it. The prize money is bigger than it is in Pan Malaysia 1+3D but not by a big margin.

Final Thoughts

By now, you should fully understand the Pan Malaysia 1+3D lottery and the rules of participating in it. Everything is quite straightforward in this lottery. You have to love the fact that you pick only four numbers when you take part in it. Due to smaller odds, the prize money is small, but it is amazing how high your chances of winning are. When playing big, you have actually 23 ways to win in this lottery. Not to mention, you can choose big and small play at the same time to increase your winnings. With a bigger bet, you can even multiply your winnings. So, if higher chances of winning thrill are more exciting for you than big jackpots, go for Pan Malaysia 1+3D and buy your first ticket today.