Man Hits RM 11,000,000 Jackpot With ‘2057’ Tragedy

Magnum 4D Winner 11 million

PETALING JAYA, Sept 14 — The September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in New York 17 years ago would be a bitter memory for most.

But one man — who chose to commemorate the tragedy annually by playing the special number 2057 associated with it — managed to walk away with RM11,852,352 after winning the Magnum Jackpot 1 today.

The winner, who wants to remain anonymous, said the number represented the 9/11 attack, according to Magnum 4D Dictionary.

“It was a shocking tragedy and the unfortunate incident lingered in my mind for quite a while.

“Later on, when I discovered that the number represented the incident (a plane crashing into the building), I started buying a 4D Ticket with this number every year in remembrance of the incident,” the winner said, while collecting his winnings.

Explaining further, he said he was at first in disbelief that his special way of remembering the most devastating terrorist attack on US soil could bring him good fortune.

Still, misfortune appears to be lucky for this particular winner.

He also secured the third prize of the Jackpot, with the winning number of “8817”, his car number plate.

“I had a dream recently that my car was stolen so I bought a Jackpot ticket with these two numbers, which had significant meaning in this month.

“The winnings came as a total surprise. I will definitely think carefully and plan wisely with this fortune,” the winner said, while agreeing to continue playing “2057” every September to commemorate the 9/11 tragedy.

The Magnum 4D Dictionary remains a source of inspiration for many, with users only needing to type in keywords that the program then ‘translates’ into a 4D number.

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